What Others Say About Barbara

Barbara did a fantastic job rewriting a recent direct mail fundraising appeal letter, in honor of Koko’s birthday. We started by providing her with a wordy set of bloated paragraphs which she transformed into a concise combination of story, mission and call to action that allowed us to use larger images and gave the appeal much more impact. And the best part was learning from her example, and her insightful explanations about “why” she made the changes she did, and how every change was designed to make the letter both more readable (by busy people) and more persuasive.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Gary Stanley, Chief Operating Officer, The Gorilla Foundation


Barbara is able to get at the heart of things.  She seems to intuit where people are and know how to lift them up in her videos.  I think she is gifted at telling a story in a way that draws people in.  And she is always very pleasant and cheerful to be around which is in and of itself a gift!

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Debbie Clark, Co-founder, Pacific Hearing Connection


Barbara does so much more than write. She delves into a project and explores its dimensions so that she can help bring a fresh, concise perspective to the storytelling process. The final product is extremely important to her, but Barbara understands the importance of making the experience productive, creative and focused so that the customer is satisfied with the entire process.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Jesse Carpenter, Video Producer


Barbara is the perfect combination of kindness, positivity, creativity and connectedness. It’s easy to feel an instant camaraderie with her. She is incredibly bright (in both intelligence and spirit), interested and interesting.  In working together, she has always been able to communicate clearly and get complicated jobs done while creating a comfortable, stress-free, even fun atmosphere.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Mary Dilts, Voiceover Actor and On-Camera Talent


The voice of the scientist for the layperson.  That best describes Barbara’s work. Doing public affairs and outreach productions for NASA can be daunting.  Trying to translate complex scientific theories and ideas to the public can be the biggest obstacle to overcome in a production.  Barbara bridges this gap, providing an accurate presentation of the ideas being communicated at a level that is palatable for a general / wide audience.  She’s a clear choice when communicating a client’s message.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] David Maurantonio, Line Producer


Barbara’s greatest asset is her can-do attitude.  No matter what the task required, she is willing to take it up and run with it.  She has a great ability to take the abstract and turn it into a logical presentation, with her high level of skill in every part of video communication production, from scripting, to production, to post production.  I have seen her demonstrate this ability on many projects that we worked on together.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Bart Crawford, Video Producer, TRW/ESL


For me, hands down, Barbara’s greatest asset is her calm nature. She is able to capture the essence of a story and retell it in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. Videos: Amazing!! Beautiful shots paired with the best dialog to really capture the emotions.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Jane Baxter, Co-founder, Pacific Hearing Connection


Barbara is creative!  But she is diligent and does her homework.  She brings enthusiasm to a new project, but is adept at details and produces only first-rate work. I marvel at the research she does on topics that are outside her area of expertise. She demonstrates integrity. She has strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  I trust her to always be truthful. And perhaps most important of all, she has a great sense of humor.  🙂

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Jackie Easley, Technical Editor, ESL/TRW


While Barbara is a very talented writer and photographer, her humble spirit and easy going nature help her to remain open to what is happening in the moment, and ready for what the next “opportunity” brings.  Barbara is a great listener.  She figures things out.  She is not limited by confusion or intimidating situations.  She smiles and works right through it. This enables her to move in and out of situations seamlessly while documenting details with her mind and video equipment.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Sandy Riley, Entheos Audiology Cooperative


Barbara goes the extra mile to make sure she has the right set up and equipment for the task at hand and improvises well when in difficult situations or filming. The work I have seen her produce is excellent and thoughtful, with great care taken to think of the complete story, use the most appropriate clips, and assure the music fits the mood she is trying to convey. Barbara’s calm demeanor and friendliness helps subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her integrity stands out in a very positive way that I admire.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Maggie Conroy, Alalusi Foundation Art Initiative


Barbara’s strength is her ability to look at a story (or a subject) from the outside. Despite being inside it (as a writer or a camera person or a producer) she can step back and look at the whole picture.  From there, she has the ability to extract key details and distill the issue down into one or two sentences.  And present that information in such a way that it becomes understandable to most people.

[icon type=”icon-user-2″][/icon] Bill Moede, Video Producer/Editor


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