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Beyond our expertise in fundraising for nonprofits, we offer our story telling services to craft Case Studies and White Papers that will get you noticed.

In the realm of content marketing, the medium form story telling in the form of a customer case study, highlighting your customer’s success story helps other prospective customers see their success with your service or offering.

Our proven technique of interviewing both you, and your customer(s) will unlock the value that your product or service brought to the negotiating table, that unlocked value to the customer, and how that lead to their success.

We then package the story in a compelling marketing promotion that captures the interest of potential customers.

Conversely, we can create a white paper that explains your technology, and the problems it solves, highlighting how a customer will profit from your offering. Our 25 years in the high tech world, coupled with extensive and broad range of technologies can distill a crisp message with clear lessons that you want your customer to extract.

Either as an early sales process, lead generation tool, or a strategic messaging for in-funnel movement of a prospect, a well targeted white paper can mean the difference between a win and a loss. of a sale.

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